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Arlene De Cruz

Working for over 12 years as a Chaperone and running my own agency, Chaperones and Tutors Limited; I have experienced first hand the challenges that production face on a daily basis when working with children.

In 2013 I was part of the working groups for English and Scottish regulation revisions and delivered those in 2014 around the UK to the industry, with DfE, PACT, BBC and other stakeholders.


With BECTU I launched the Professional Chaperones and Tutors branch in the summer of 2017 and seeing the need for standardised training.


 I then decided it was time in to pull together my experience, expertise, processes and knowledge into a practical and effective course, which I am proud to have City & Guilds Accredited and is the first of its kind.


Paul Byrne 

I am an experienced tutor & chaperone who has worked with young people of all ages (Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5) in school settings, on residentials and on many television and theatre productions.

I also work with university students as a Study Skills Tutor.

Relevant training, professional body membership and qualifications include...

    Qualified Teacher Status with tutoring Professional Indemnity Insurance

Licensed Chaperone with Public Liability Insurance

Designated Safeguarding Lead training 2020

City & Guilds Accredited Regulatory Compliance training 2019

Bectu Professional Chaperone & Tutor Branch member. 
    Associate Member of Dyslexia Guild (ADG/FE)

Mental Health First Aid training 2021

Introduction to Intimacy Coordination training 2020


Lizzy Talbot

Lizzy Talbot is a certified Intimacy Coordinator with IDC Professionals.


She was one of the first Intimacy Coordinators working across the world in the UK, US and EU and is the founder and Director of Intimacy for Stage and Screen.


Her credits include Netflix’s Bridgerton, Netflix’s The Witcher and HBO’s The Nevers, She holds an MA degree in Direction from University of East Anglia and is also a certified Stage Combat teacher with the British Academy of Stage and Screen.


Lizzy has taught internationally and at top drama schools and universities both in the UK and USA. 


Hannah Nutley

I am an experienced tutor chaperone working with all ages. Working locally and internationally I’ve developed effective communication with productions, Ensuring compliance with UK regulations while educating crew, overcoming language barriers and respecting cultural differences.


Qualified teacher status

Experience with severe behaviour and learning barriers


Professionally licenced Chaperone


City and Guilds Accredited PART Regulatory Compliance Certified


CPD Accredited Safeguarding Trained


Psychology First Aid trained

Alison Foster

I am the manager of a child licensing team for a large local authority who are responsible for licensing child performers and chaperones and issuing work permits for young people aged 13 – 16 years of age who may wish to work part time before and after school and during school holidays. 
I have many years’ experience of working either directly or indirectly with young people including volunteering in a youth group,


Beever’s & Cubs and a local charity shop.  I previously been a school governor, chair of governors and local town councillor. 
I have a passion for ensuring children are safeguarded and happy whilst performing and enjoy the experience.

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  • Using Child Psychologists to safeguard young people 

  • Equality & Diversity in practice 

  • How to safely recruit chaperones 

  • Checklists for the Safeguarding Lead 

  • Advice for Assistant Directors / Assistant Stage Managers 

  • How considering intimacy coordination safeguards cast and crew 

  • Advice on working with 16-18-year-old young adults

  • Advice on what to expect from a qualified chaperone and tutor 


  • Recruitment best practice advice 

  • Advice on how to aggregate tutor hours using your DOODS and scheduling  

  • Advice on monitoring tuition 

  • Advice on communication with schools

  • 16-18-year-old performers are not under licence after June of Year 11 but still in education and not legal adults: how can I support and safeguard their welfare and education?



  • Who do I contact at the issuing authority?

  • Should I be paying for a fast-track service offered by my authority?

  • What kind of licence do I need for my production?

  • How far in advance should I be applying? 

  • How do I prepare for a council ‘spot check’? 

  • How do I obtain a licence for working abroad? 

  • How do I ensure chaperones and tutors are suitable?

  • Why is using a parent rather than a chaperone not best practice? 


  • How are regulations different across Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

  • How do I go about licensing a child or young person to work abroad? 

  • What does the 4-day rule mean? 

  • What paperwork is expected by issuing authorities?

  • Where I can get hold of the regulations?

  • Are there specific data protection guidelines regarding children and young people?

  • Do you know your regulations so you can schedule a working day? 

  • What are the benefits of using a chaperone rather than a parent?