Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop today - great turn out!!

Hope you enjoy the show case of CPSH and look forward to your feedback and getting this show on the road.

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New update

We are pleased to host under our REGIONAL REGULATIONS SECTION on the HUB drop down list - The Children's working regulations for England, N Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We have also added a condensed

Scheduling with children

Why do we struggle at times when scheduling a shoot to attain our tuition 🤓 hours? 🤔 Let’s start by looking at the time we do have ⏰ According to the regulations - Child aged 10 (as an example) has

Scottish Chaperone webinar

After a very successful webinar we are prepping to host our follow up webinar this month with Scottish chaperones, as we put the final touches to our 4 countries pages on CPSH supporting everyone work